When I say subtle, I mean random and jarring. So today I decided to take a break from learning Rails and work on an old project of mine: Snipes. Snipes is an IRC bot framework designed for easy plugability. The part which I worked on today was adding the ability to stay fault-tolerant in the case of having a nickname already exist on the server.

Though this may seem like a small thing, it is really part of a bigger lesson for myself. This is that a project does not really ever end. I started the Snipes project at the age of 14 in 2010 and I’m still working on it now. Though no one really uses it, it is probably my biggest software project. I hope to have it be a viable competitor to the Pircbot project soon.

If you want to see the technical details of this addition, and to contribute to the Snipes project, visit it’s GitHub Repo and send a pull request!

Sorry for the shorter post today. As Snipes is an old project, I don’t feel like there is much to learn from it.